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Mia. 17. Czech Rep. Turism.★
Tumblr since 23rd October 2011
★Dreamer. Intelligent. Moody. Honest. Original?. Single. Distrustful. Sensitive. Friendly. Caring. Talkative. Explosive. Bisexual. Nonsmoker. Abstinent. Realistic. Creative. Afraid-of-the-dark. Facebook-free. Fantasy-addict. Loving.★

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My dear followers

It seems like I am totally off Tumblr.I only come here for resources and I am no longer active so I thought it would be fair to offer you a chance to follow me on another account. If you message me I am willing to send you my google+ account. It is focused on my begginer photography skills which I am working on.

I’ve been sick a lot in the past moths, spent some time in a hospital and I am still at home so I am cleaning my bussiness all over the internet :)

Well, just message me if you have any questions, I will come to read it soon.

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Guess I am just gonna delete this blog in next few months. On Holiday I guess.

Just letting you know, I will follow some people I still want to, there is actually a few and sure I’ll make some new, not that much used blog.

My life has changed a lot so, I think my site needs to get changed too and just delete all mistakes and bad thinks and days… I also decided to let the past in the past, not to take it into the future. And I mean like not only mine, but everyone’s past.  I just want to live THIS and I want to live it with all my heart and mind and I want to enjoy and love and care just for the people that deserve it. Of course there are some things that are going pretty wrong but nothing is going to ruin this for me.

I got my 18th birthday last weekend so you can say it really changed me, but I don’t think so, this was just a question of time. And I am glad it came. ^^